Brawlerz Nitro Greenlight

“Brawlerz : Nitro”. Retro Styled Vehicular Manslaughter Has Never Been So Much Fun!

New Greenlight submission Brawlers : Nitro brings arcade combat, RPG elements and a unique art style to PC & Mac! Teaser video released!

Australia – August 26, 2014 – Bail! Enemy Jet and Rum Theory’s new Greenlight submission offers fast paced retro arcade style gameplay, rpg elements and multiplayer all rolled into one super slick package. This isn’t a death race or rally, it’s a fight to the death, pure and simple!


    Choose the car that suits your strategy. The fast-paced Buggy for quick attack and fast retreat? The mammoth Truck for crushing your enemies head on? Or perhaps you’re someone who enjoys seeing your enemies burn in eternal hellfire (yes, there’s a Pyro car!).


    Your car is a reflection of your inner maniac, and no car would be complete without custom paint or weapon load out!


    Death match? King of the Hill? Capture the Flag? Vehicular Soccer? Yeah, we’ve got that. Level modifiers like low gravity, drift, weather modes, land-mine, spontaneous combustion modes? We’ve got you covered.

The teaser video has been released ( ). Drop by our Greenlight page ( ) and give us a thumbs up! Bail Enemy Jet’s Facebook ( ) is the best place to stay up to date with the latest Brawlerz : Nitro news, such as new screenshots and development updates!

About Bail! Enemy Jet & Rum Theory

Bail! Enemy Jet! and Rum Theory are independent videogame developers, specializing in Console, iOS, Android and PC development. Fresh from the teams behind Project Gotham 4, Mini Motor Racing, Devils Third, Transformers and Gun Club 3. This is the first collaboration of the two since the AppStore’s #1 Casual Game in the Best of 2012 category, Mini Motor Racing. Please visit Bail! Enemy Jet online ( ).